The Little Luxury Every Traveler Deserves

it may have taken me a bit too long to realize it, but these are the "little luxuries." The extra “little somethings” that make my heart flutter, just like every fresh bouquet of flowers, or Friday date night. And I feel oh-so-grateful to experience them, and then retreat to a giant bed with nice sheets.

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Emily HughesComment
To Beach, or Not to Beach…

So I’m harnessing this newfound like-borderline-love for the beach, and setting out on a mission to find the best spots along this Caribbean itinerary. Because honestly, there are some really touristy, Disney-fied ports in this part of the world. Quaint, cookie-cutter-like stalls selling diamonds (why so many Diamond Internationals, why?!)

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Wine-ing About

“You know that feeling when you’re on vacation, and oh-so happy to be there, but you’re tired, possibly hangry, and want to curl up in a little ball and cuddle a nice blanket, instead of seeing some incredible piece of history that only exists in your chosen vacation spot? Yeah. I had that feeling.”

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