Where do you live?

Ericeira, Portugal. A little slice of heaven. Taberna Lebre is the best bar in town, Prim is my favorite restaurant (their SPINACH is from another planet) and The Mill is my local hangout, with amazing coffee and an even better staff (hi Diogo).

What should I do in lisbon?

Besides move there? hehe. My favorite places in Lisbon are Time Out Market, Lx Factory, A Cultura do Hambúrguer (best veggie burger… anywhere), Casa Nepalesa, and Pasteis de Belém (touristy, but truly the best nata tart). This list will be updated as I keep exploring…

Where are you from?

Middletown, Maryland, USA. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and took a four year detour to Minnesota, but Middletown is home. All of my sisters and I worked at the best restaurant in town, The Main Cup, and our roots in the Middletown valley are near and dear to my heart.


WHat is the best time to travel to Ericeira?

All times. Is that cheating? The water is always chilly here, but in summer the whole town is alive and energized with surfers and holiday makers. June-August are the busiest months, but also the most fun. Winter is when the huge waves, and the “real” surfers, come. Should you be entertaining the idea of visiting, just shoot me a message!

Who’s That guy?

That’s Kris. My travel buddy, German teacher, and other half. We met working on a cruise ship and then became long distance relationship professionals. Now we live in the same place and make epic, delicious breakfasts together in our spare time.


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