Makin' a Stir... fry

At the moment, I’m in a fight with recipes. All of them. It’s not the recipes’ fault. I take complete responsibility for moving to a new country without speaking the language, and being absolutely clueless in the grocery store. The grocery stores here have wonderful produce, and more cheeses and dried fish than I’ve ever imagined, but when you’re looking for that specific spice or herb that you always found in the same place at Whole Foods in New York, “Boa Sorte” and goodbye! I’ve hit many a roadblock with recipe ingredients, and nine times out of ten, I just pick something that looks a similar color (this method was successful with cornstarch!) and hope for the best. I’d say I have a 50 percent success rate. So, recipes with a lot of room for creativity are now my best friends. Enter the STIR FRY.



no recipe required

The picture above was my leftovers from the night before, so I turned the stir fry remnants into a stir fry salad. How? Well, with the help of my favorite peanut butter sauce.

Finding peanut butter at the Aldi store here was possibly the best day of my life. I’m hooked on peanut butter sauces, and it only gets better as a salad dressing. So I swirl a solid person’s spoonful of peanut butter with a smaller spoon of soy sauce, a dash of hot sauce, lime juice and whatever white-looking vinegar I recognize at the grocery store (haven’t found rice vinegar…yet) and pour it over carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cashews, avocado, sesame seeds and any veggies I have left in the refrigerator. Zucchini? Throw it in a pan and let it join the party. The more the merrier.

My next goal is to find sesame oil, and then I think this sauce will secure it’s place as one of my all-time favorites. Wish me luck conquering the aisles of Intermarche!